Testimonials for Chinese Courses

Conall Cassidy, Analyst, RBC Royal Bank, Hongkong (formerly of PwC, Cambridge)

"Having studied Chinese for nearly two years at several language schools both in the UK and China I am happy to say that Baozhen is definitely one of the best teachers I have studied with. Baozhen has an obvious passion for her work and a genuine desire to see her students progress. This is evidenced by the effort Baozhen puts into planning lessons that are tailored to each student’s individual interests and needs. Baozhens’ passion combined with her sense of humor and patience equip her with the essential qualities required of a great teacher."

Amarant Martinez, Business Development Manager, Grifols UK Ltd, Shanghai China (formerly based at Grifols, Cambridge)

"What I like most from Baozhen is her ability to capture my attention in class from the very beginning. Their classes are always fun, with lots of practical exercises and games, but at the same time very productive and stretching. She always tries to come up with new things thinking of the learning process of a language and how best go into it. Moreover, for me it has been a great way to get into Chinese culture, since I am going to work there very soon. Definitely, I will miss her classes."

Dr Marjorie Batchelor, Lecturer, Cambridge University

"I have enjoyed my Chinese lessons with Baozhen immensely.  I have been studying with her for two years, at an intermediate/advanced level.  She has clear and effective plans for her lessons, and yet also has the flexibility to adjust her plans to suit my needs of the moment.  Her Chinese is very clear, which is a great help in developing listening skills, and her English is excellent, so that it is possible to discuss the finer shades of meaning, something that is not always possible when a teacher's ability to understand the English meaning is limited. 

"Perhaps the best aspect of her teaching is her high expectations.  Yes, for many of us, even for those who have studied other foreign languages, Chinese is a challenge. It is not uncommon to come across Chinese teachers who, despairing of their students ever achieving a useful competence in the language, settle for imparting "a little Chinese" and a tourist's impression of Chinese culture.  Baozhen starts with the assumption that all her students will achieve the level of competence they will need, and then sets about the task of getting them to that standard with characteristic Chinese determination."


Jaroslaw Rzepecki, Software engineer, Siemens PLM, Cambridge

"I have started as an absolute beginner and after six months I can have a simple conversation in Mandarin, as well as recognise and write over two hundred characters. Baozhen is a very patient and well prepared teacher. She will structure the classes around your needs and your level always pushing you to learn more, while keeping the lessons fun and interesting. She also teaches the language in a broader context of Chinese culture, which I find very useful, since I believe one cannot understand a language without its country’s culture. I would highly recommend Baozhen as a teacher to anybody who wants to either start his or her journey into learning Mandarin, or want to improve the skills that they already have."


Owen Choo, Law student, Cambridge University

"After many failed attempts to pick up Mandarin in the past, I decided to pursue individual classes with Baozhen during my time at Cambridge. Having done so for the past year, I can safely say that my grasp of the language has improved dramatically, due in large part to the excellence of Baozhen’s teaching. The tailored-nature of the course means that it is both highly practical and relevant to my needs. Classes are held in a relaxing environment and structured to include reading, writing and, most importantly, speaking practice. The advantage of learning to converse with a native speaker is evident when attempting to familiarise oneself with the accents and pronunciation of characters. Baozhen is patient and enthusiastic throughout, providing useful insight into the meanings of culturally specific phrases and their uses in daily life. All this helps to ease the burden in the learning of what is no doubt a challenging but ultimately rewarding language. If in need of Mandarin expertise in Cambridge, I would look no further than Baozhen."


David Filtness, PhD student in history, Cambridge University

"For over 2 years I have had the unmitigated pleasure of weekly Chinese lessons with Baozhen. She follows a measured approach with weekly planning and realistic targets, combined with a friendly and approachable demeanour and genuine enthusiasm for her vocation. Material is explained clearly and consistently, and elucidated with native insights and anecdotes to help ensconce them in the brain! Her approach to the course uses the “Chinese in Steps” textbooks, which focus on grammar and writing and help build up the basics of the language and help develop the 4 skills in equal measure. Baozhen ‘s approach is one of flexibility and she is always willing to adapt to circumstances, understanding the difficulties of combining weekly lessons with studying for a PhD, yet she has always proved responsive to my needs and forgiving of my mistakes or time constraints. Anyone wanting a professional yet personal approach to learning Chinese that matches their own ambitions, whatever they may be, should look up Baozhen! She has encouraged my interest in Chinese and China at every step and I shall certainly be looking to continue my studies away from Cambridge."

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